Colored backpacks

The Wauwatosa School District received a recent donation of 49 backpacks from Sam Smith, a representative of Century 21 Affiliated.

In addition, the office of the Superintendent contributed six more backpacks, accompanied by essential school supplies. This collaborative effort has resulted in a total of 55 backpacks, poised to make a significant impact on the upcoming school year by supporting students in need within the Wauwatosa School District.

"We deeply value the kindness and unwavering support demonstrated by our community partners, and we know that their positive actions will undoubtedly benefit both our students and educators," said Dr. Means. "This donation serves as a testament to the collective commitment our community holds to deliver an enriched learning experience for every student across our District."

Of the 55 backpacks, 30 contain supplies tailored for middle school students, while 25 character-themed backpacks contain school supplies specifically for elementary school students.